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PTBM podcast features conversations with leaders, trail blazers and entrepreneurs about what it takes to make life work, bringing you motivation, advice and tips for pushing yourself to be more.

Whether you’re looking for an uplifting boost or a major nudge, tap into this trove of wisdom that will take you from where you are now in your personal journey to greater success and deeper meaning.

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Latest Episodes

David johnston ned 192x300

An Entrepreneur’s Journey from Belfast’s Strife to Boardroom Success | David Johnston

Ricky knight

Uninformed Optimism to Informed Success | Ricky Knight

Byron morrison

Resilience Unleashed: Finding Balance Amidst Business Chaos | Byron Morrison

Irfan lohiya

Green Growth And Well-being | Irfan Lohiya

Jeff hancock

Finding Growth in the Crypto Industry | Jeff Hancock

Steve preston PUSH COVER

Leading in Flux: How to Thrive Amidst Market Dynamics and Challenges | Steve Preston

Ben heath

Stepping Off the Beaten Path: A Dropout’s Journey to Digital Success | Ben Heath

Behmanzakeri pic IG

Goonies Unearthed: The House that Shaped an Era | Behman Zakeri

Vladimer Botsvadzes Headshot

Driven by Legacy: Vladimer’s Relentless Pursuit of Excellence and Gratitude | Vladimer Botsvadze

Claire Daniels Trio Media

Balancing Productivity and Leisure: Modern Work’s Paradigm Shift | Claire Daniels


From Humble Beginnings to Personal and Professional Success | Zafar Karim

Jacob k Mead Headshot 4

Facing the Lens: Redefining Time and Self | Jacob K Mead

Kelly tucker

If It’s Not All Right, It’s Not The End | Kelly Tucker

Dan roberts 2

Uncharted Paths to Greatness and the Courage to Walk Them | Dan Roberts

Episode 5 august special PUSH COVER

Conversations that Matter: The Impact of Dialogue in Podcasting

Episode 4 august special PUSH COVER

Exploring the Unexpected Opportunities from Podcasting

Episode 3 august special PUSH COVER

Beyond the Mic: Impactful Guests and Transformative Insights

Episode 2 august special PUSH COVER

The Power of Podcasting: How We Grew Our Network

Episode 1 august special PUSH COVE Ra

PodJunction: Birth of a New Podcast Journey

Sameer rehman

Climbing the Business Mountain: Reflections, Challenges, and Joys | Sameer Rehman


Mind Over Body: The Conscious Path to Health and Fitness | Edward Jackowski

Copy of C5 A9920

Breaking Barriers and Embracing Change | Liane Katz

Sean Salloux 12

From Entrepreneurship to Adventure: Unleashing Ideas and Building Connections | Sean Salloux

Esther Gokhale Headshot 2020 1 1

Kinesthetic Wisdom: Rediscovering Posture and Debunking Myths | Esther Gokhale

Heidi Renata

Redefining Leadership Through An Indigenous Lens | Heidi Renata

Gerleve 1

Reshaping Childhood Adversity into a Fitness Legacy: Dominic’s Journey | Dominic Gerleve

Peter awad headshot

The Transformational Journey of Leadership | Peter Awad

Gloria 08

Rethinking and Reinventing Diversity | Gloria Ewe

Jack latus

The Story of a Disruptive Non-Medical Healthcare Entrepreneur | Jack Latus

2 Scoops Buisness Profile Caroline CBP 1 1

Thriving in Business and Balancing Life Post-Covid | Caroline Polson

Chris George Headshot

Navigating Challenges And Innovating The Event World | Chris George

John Faisandier mic 3

Rewriting Life’s Script: From Priest To Emotional Expert | John Faisandier


Transforming Life, Business, and Personal Growth | Neil Morecraft

Mak colour

The Power Of Continuous Improvement | Manish Mak

Me in mustard waistcoat

The Power of Perseverance: How Churchill’s Words Shaped One Entrepreneur’s Life And Business | Mark Buchanan

Pure Earth7

Healthier Living, Motherhood, And Sustainable Success In Business | Emma Bianco

Vaishali Shah1

The Power of One: How Small Actions Can Make A Big Difference | Vaishali Shah

Andrew Armitage White Wall Background

Keeping A Digital Agency Relevant In The Age Of AI | Andrew Armitage

2019 25 Oct Jim 045low

Balancing Work And Life For Entrepreneurship Success | Jim Martin

QV1 1754fullres small

Breaking the Stigma: One Entrepreneur’s Journey Through Depression and Success in Property Management | Darren Bennett


Cool Connections: Working with Interesting People and Successful Entrepreneurs | Ross Hetherington

Erin head shot

Discovering The Leader In You | Erin Meads

Chandra Headshot

When Glory Beckons | Chandra Selvadurai

2 F293 AEEC2 EEBAA0 A722 E9 DC5 E3679 B76 EE2 EDF23523 D70144pimgpsh fullsize distr

Balance, Being, Body and Business | Brendon Macdonald

Jayne Moore CEO Moore Media 2022

Bouncing Back as a Business Leader after Cancer Setback | Jayne Moore

Ryan Flannagan Headshot

From Delivering Pizza To Conquering Amazon | Ryan Flannagan

Color David Perry 6541x5720 12 MB 1

The Art of Levelling Up | Dave Perry

Chris Ivers Headshot

True To Myself | Chris Ivers

X 0 I0 A3426 HEADSHOT copy

Just Keep Turning Up | Andrew Kelly

Bret curry

Leading with Intention and Authenticity | Brett Curry


Thriving Under Pressure | Simon O’Shaughnessy

Balram Gidoomal Passport Photo November 2018

Don’t Let The Impossible Derail The Possible | Ram Gidoomal

Ian Finch

Well That Didn’t Work. Let’s Try Something Else! | Ian Finch

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