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Here’s Why Leadership Success Starts with Coaching | Vanessa Judelman

Today’s Guest Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa Judelman, the dynamic President of Mosaic People Development, boasts two decades of experience shaping inspiring leaders. As a speaker, facilitator, and certified executive coach, she shares her practical leadership approach, honed through her own leadership journey, to empower clients. Vanessa has transformed countless "doers" into confident, self-aware, team-focused, and strategic leaders, making her a sought-after consultant for organizations like Campbell's Soup, The United Nations, and HelloFresh.

Here's Why Leadership Success Starts with Coaching

In an era where the dynamics of leadership are ever-evolving, the art of coaching emerges not merely as a skill but as the cornerstone of impactful leadership. This came fromour conversation with Vanessa Judelman, someone who has made a career out of leadership development.

The Genesis of Transformation

Vanessa’s journey into leadership and entrepreneurship was not typical, though it was common. It was her crucible moment, a bad experience with a boss, that made her resolve to be a more nurturing leader. This rings true for many people, as adversity often leads to change and growth. It is a testament to the idea that good can come out of bad, and change the way we approach leadership and personal growth.

The Quintessence of Coaching

At the heart of leadership is more than just telling people what to do. It’s about creating an environment where people are not only heard, but are encouraged to grow, learn, and surpass their perceived limits. Vanessa stresses the importance of coaching in this. It’s about unlocking the potential in each team member, and guiding them through their journey with empathy, understanding, and most importantly, patience. The ability to coach effectively is what sets a good leader apart from a great one, and can transform the workplace into a place of innovation and shared success.

Conviction: The Leadership Superpower

Vanessa’s story highlights an important aspect of leadership – conviction. It’s the belief in doing what is right, even when it is difficult. This, coupled with a growth mindset, allows leaders to make decisions that are not just good, but transformative for their teams and companies. Conviction allows leaders to navigate the complexities of leadership with grace and agility, and is an important trait for anyone looking to lead effectively.

In Conclusion

The conversation with Vanessa Judelman urges us to see coaching as the key to effective leadership. It challenges us to look beyond traditional leadership models and see the power of coaching. For those in leadership, it is a reminder that leadership is not about having power over others, but about empowering others to be their best. As we encounter the challenges of leadership, let’s remember to base our leadership in coaching, conviction, and the belief in the potential of our teams. For that is the key to being a great leader.

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