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Don’t Let The Impossible Derail The Possible | Ram Gidoomal

Today’s Guest Ram Gidoomal

RAM GIDOOMAL was born into an Indian immigrant family in Kenya and has worked for over 30 years at board and senior management level in the private, public, and voluntary sectors. At present he is, among other things, Chair of Cotton Connect. Author of several books, and recipient of Honorary Doctorates from three UK universities, he is included in High flyers 50 - the 50 most eminent people of Indian origin living and working outside India. In 1998 he was appointed a CBE by HM The Queen.

  • Ram Gidoomal is a British author, businessman, and philanthropist who has written several books, including his most recent one - The Silk Road. He decided to write this book to highlight the issues facing young Asian women and the differential treatment between men and women in their community.
  • Ram was born into an Indian immigrant family of silk traders in Kenya and enjoyed an idyllic childhood in Mombasa. As he turned 17, his family endured devastating second deportation, to London. Starting from scratch, his family worked hard and eventually became very successful.
  • In 1987, Ram visited the slums of Bombay and was shocked by what he saw. He joined hands with Steve Chalke to initiate Christmas Cracker, a project that aimed to raise 1 million pounds for 200 youth groups across the UK. The project ended up raising nearly 5 million pounds over 7 years.
  • In 2000, Ram was approached to run for Mayor of London by a new Christian Democrat party. He agreed to run, and his campaign shifted the political agenda to focus on the needs of the carless, homeless and jobless. Gidoomal proposed issuing a 500 million pound bond to regenerate East London, and today social impact finance has reached over a billion pounds in London.

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